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    This letter was sent from Janis to her family during the recording sessions for Cheap Thrills in 1968. 
    Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cheap Thrills with Sex, Dope, and Cheap Thrills, a collection of outtakes, live recordings, and rarities from the sessions that produced the immortal album - carrying the title originally intended for Cheap Thrills. 


    Love, Janis 


    Dear Mother & Family,

    At last a few moments of peace! We have a few weeks’ vacation after finishing a month’s recording in LA plus gigs on the weeked. Mother, een you w/your incredible pace would be amazed at all we’ve been doing. Working, working, working, all spare time devoted to sleeping & eating & readying for the next trip. Positively incredible. So I’m in the middle of my one week off. I’m spending a few days at a friend’s cabin in Stinson Beach w/George. I’ve been doing nothing except sleeping, eating & reading cheap novels. Lots of sleeping. Tomorrow back to the city to spend the rest of my vacation moving. We’ve been evicted because of George (dirty old thing.) Our new address is 892 Noe.

    Phone # I’ll send later. Some vacation – I’ll just get all the boxes upstairs then it’s back to L.A. for mixing. That’s the final thing on the record – it means setting the balances of all the instrument & voices to each other. It could be a very simple or very complicated procedure – we’ll see.

    I guess by now you’ve seen the things in Vogue, Glamour, & Mademoiselle. (Did the Port Arthur News have anything on these? If so, please send) I’m sending along two you won’t have seen – the Nat Hentoff piece from the New York Times Sunday Entertainment section & Jazz & Pop where I won the reader’s poll. There was also a groovy thing (one full page) in the Washington Post but I only have one copy…

    …well, back to my novels – have you read Rosemary’s Baby – it’s a mind-blower, as they say in the vernacular. Album should be out sometime in July. Hope to get it out before we play the Columbia Convention in Puerto Rico – July 25. After that we’ll be doing another Eastern thing to promote the record. Oh!! I almost forgot! I may be in a movie! Starring Michael Pollard who was C.W. Moss in “Bonnie & Clyde” He’s very big now. Sort of a hip Western a la “Cat Ballou.” I ‘d play the part of a Texas barroom singer – no lack of authenticity there & probably get a lot of money & get to sing a tune. But it’s all in the talk stages now.

    Bye, my love to everyone

    XXXXX Janis