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8 news items tagged as fashion:

21 April 2017 @ 7:42 am

"Janis embodied the quintessential hippie in both her spirit and style, and that is definitely a torch I aspire to carry." -Pearl Charles

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Made for Pearl
17 March 2017 @ 6:57 am

"The clothes never wore her, even a giant fur hat couldn't overpower her spirit." - Audra Mae

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10 February 2017 @ 7:40 am

"[Janis] does whatever she wants and is comfortable pushing some boundaries." - Renee Adams, Drummer of Cold Showers

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13 January 2017 @ 9:34 am

"[Janis] had no fear in what she wore. She mixed and matched all the wrong things in her outfits but always pulled it off. She clearly did not believe in 'the rules.'" - Guns Germs $teal

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16 December 2016 @ 8:55 am

"She broke many boundaries with women's standard dress. She made it possible to wear anything, everything, or sometimes nothing, regardless of the pattern, color or transparency. She's a woman of my heart, breaking all the rules." - The Sisterhood Band

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14 October 2016 @ 8:29 am

"[Janis] didn’t seem to care what other people thought, she did whatever she liked and wore clothes as free and inspiring as her soul." - Storm Calysta on Janis' style.

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Quote of the Day
18 March 2016 @ 1:05 pm

"Style-wise, she was her own masterpiece." - The Guardian, 2016

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Festival Fashion
30 July 2014 @ 7:38 am

It's summer music festival season and Janis was known for her free spirited and carefree outfit choices. Which Janis looks were your favorite? Feathers and Boas? Or tie-dye and fringe?

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