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Little Girl Blue
November 11 2015 @ 11:40 am

Janis Joplin's siblings look back on the Summer of Love in Little Girl Blue exclusive clip

Posted November 11 2015 - 11:00 AM EST

The raspy-voiced blues-rock singer Janis Joplin died 45 years ago after a brief but influential music career. This month Amy Berg's documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue is poised to illuminate her life, her music, and the legacy she left behind via interviews with close acquaintances, personal letters, performance footage, and other archival treasures.

In a clip exclusive to EW, Joplin's younger siblings, Laura and Michael Joplin, look back on a trip to visit her in San Francisco during the fateful summer of 1967 - when Joplin was at once a vulnerable 20-something and an ascendant rock star.

"We went out to visit her, the Summer of Love, as a family," Laura recalls. "My brother and I were the only teenagers who probably went out with their parents."

"We went to the Avalon Ballroom," Michael continues, "and [Joplin's band] Big Brother was not on the bill that night, but they went on and did three or four songs. Moby Grape let them have a set because Janis' parents were there."

"When we were getting ready to leave," Laura adds, "I remember overhearing one of my parents tell the other one, ‘You know, dear, I don't think we're going to have much influence anymore.'"

Janis: Little Girl Blue will screen at the DOC NYC festival Sunday before opening Nov. 27 in New York and Dec. 4 in Los Angeles and additional markets. Watch the full clip above.

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